Orion Security Solutions (OSS) experts have successfully deployed thousands of electronic access control systems across the nation and world.  OSS is a proud partner with the world’s leading access control manufacturers and provides elite services related to designing, installing, and servicing these solutions.

One attribute the differentiates OSS from its competitors is the wide array of access control solutions it offers and its expertise in each solution.  Having fantastic vendor relationships with more traditional access control companies, as well as the world’s most elite solution providers, OSS ensures the most optimal access control deployment and solution for every client in all vertical markets.  With solutions ranging from simple card readers to more sophisticated authentication methodologies, such as facial recognition or other biometric options, OSS has ideal solutions for every door, man trap, turnstile, gate, or other entry portal.

In nearly all physical security strategies, access control plays a crucial role in security systems as it governs the entrance and exit of individuals or entities to a specific area or resource.  Its primary objective is to deploy several measures that exclusively grant access to authorized individuals and prevent entry to unauthorized ones.  OSS discoveries the security objectives of each client’s facility and recommends the proper solution types for each scenario to ensure the organization’s security objectives are met.

In addition to keeping portals and entries security, access control systems have other advantages.  When deployed properly, they provide confidentiality, safety, compliance, accountability, and convenience.  Whether the goals are to protect physical assets, sensitive information, and intellectual property from theft, damage, or unauthorized use, or leverage one of these other benefits, OSS will be a great provider and partner for you.

OSS experts are eager to visit with you about any support you need with access control or any other security solution.  Please contact us and lets begin to explore how OSS can best serve you.