Video surveillance is an essential aspect of the security industry, aimed to monitor and record activities using video cameras for the purpose of enhancing safety and security.  It has become a fundamental component of security strategies across various environments and is a core component of layered security solutions, which is the methodology used by Orion Security Solutions (OSS).

Video surveillance is an effective deterrent to criminal activities, as individuals are discouraged from engaging in illegal behavior when they know they are being watched.  Additionally, video footage can be used as evidence in investigations.  Real-time monitoring of activities enhances situational awareness and allows for early intervention to prevent potential incidents from escalating.  Video surveillance also contributes to workplace safety by monitoring employee behavior and enforcing safety protocols.

Remote access of video surveillance solutions allows for round-the-clock surveillance and centralized management of multiple locations.  OSS commonly deploys centralized security operations centers to facilitate remote management of video surveillance assets.

Video surveillance systems play a crucial role in maintaining a secure environment, reducing risks, and enabling quick responses to security incidents or emergencies.  Please contact OSS to learn more about our elite video surveillance solutions and how you can benefit from them.