The capabilities of security technology has significantly progressed in the past few years.  The use of artificial intelligence in security solutions has changed many systems from being reactive to proactive in the way they operate.  Orion Security Solutions (OSS) is a leader in artificial intelligence-based security and surveillance solutions.  OSS works with elite facial recognition solutions that provide some of the most impressive capabilities that the security industry has ever seen and that have completely changed how video surveillance systems operate.  Rather than being primarily a forensic tool, facial recognition allows surveillance systems to instantly alert an operator when a person of interest comes into a camera’s field of view.

OSS has successfully deployed facial recognition solutions for clients in various vertical markets throughout the country.  Some of the largest deployments are in casinos and resorts, but the solutions provide amazing benefits to OSS clients in all vertical markets.

Facial recognition technology enhances surveillance and monitoring capabilities by automatically identifying individuals of interest in real time.  It compares faces against watch lists to identify persons of interest and then alerts security personnel when a match is found.  This aids in detecting potential threats, criminals, or individuals with restricted access rights.

Facial recognition is also a reliable and hassle-free way to control access to restricted areas.  It scans and compares an individual’s face with a database of authorized personnel, eliminating the need for physical access cards, keys, or PINs.  This reduces the risk of unauthorized access due to lost, stolen, or shared credentials.

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