Refer a Friend or Colleague

Orion Security Solutions (OSS) created a referral incentive program very early in its existence to reward those that help OSS acquire new clients.  If someone refers a potential customer to OSS and that introduction results in a contract, then OSS will pay the referring person an incentive bonus in appreciation for the referral.

How It Works

The referral incentive program is simple.  As long as you are not an employee of the referred entity, don’t have any influence in the referred entity’s procurement process, and don’t have any other unethical conflict of interest, then you are eligible for the reward.  Just contact a member of the OSS executive, management, or sales team to discuss the nature of your relationship with the referred party and what you know of their needs, and then OSS will handle the rest.

Referral Incentive Program Payments

OSS pays the referral incentive rewards when it receives payment from the referred client for the referred project.  If the referred projects are invoiced in multiple installments, then OSS will pay the referring party the respective percentage of the total referral reward each time it receives payment from the client.

Please contact OSS to learn more about the Referral Incentive Program and how it can benefit you.