The professional services offered by Orion Security Solutions (OSS) provide significant value to clients in all vertical markets. Consulting, design, system configuration, and application of artificial intelligence-based and other advanced security solutions are professional services provided by OSS.

OSS professionals have consulted and designed security solutions for clients of all sizes.  One type of consulting provided by OSS is conducting security vulnerability assessments and recommending appropriate security measures.  OSS works with clients to discover their needs and objectives, and then develops security plans and designs to meet their operational requirements.  OSS professionals are very familiar with industry-specific compliance requirements, to include, but not limited to, gaming, oil and gas, utilities, government, and others, and are proficient in designing solutions that keep each client compliant with regulatory authorities.

The OSS experts that provide professional services have extensive industry knowledge, specialized skills, and unparalleled experience.  The goal of each engagement is to determine how best to enhance the overall security posture of each facility to safeguard critical assets and resources.

A critical part of realizing the goal of “Advanced Security Solutions – Made Easy” is having experts who can assist clients with their efforts to adopt new security technologies effectively.  Many of the new, more advanced security solutions require specialized skills to properly design and deploy.  This is one of the many advantages that OSS has over its competitors.

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