Orion Security Solutions (OSS) maintains many types of licensing to legally allow it to serve clients in all vertical markets and geographical locations.  This includes state, tribal, corporate, gaming commission, occupational, and all other necessary forms of licensing.

Many states don’t require occupational licensing to perform technical security installation work, while others have strict requirements.  Many of the state and county licenses held by OSS are listed below.  Please contact OSS with any questions related to its tribal, corporate, government, gaming commission, and other licenses.


Arizona – 280086                                                     Arkansas – CMPY.0001810

California – 1020196                                                Nevada – 78707

New Mexico – 402838                                             New York – 12000332497

North Carolina – SP.FA/LV.35803                           Oklahoma (OSS) – AC1661

Oklahoma (OFS) – AC1914                                      Texas – B18798

Utah – 10958980-6501                                            Clark County (Business) – 2004841.056-201

Clark County  – 203552-03-140