License plate recognition (LPR) serves the security industry by capturing and analyzing license plate information from vehicles for various law enforcement and security purposes.  LPR systems utilize optical character recognition (OCR) technology, cameras, and specialized algorithms to ensure accurate interpretation of license plates.  Orion Security Solutions (OSS) has teams of experts with a wealth of experience in deploying and configuring LPR solutions for optimal performance.

LPR systems identify vehicles of interest and alert security personnel in real-time when one is detected.  LPR systems can compare the plate numbers against databases of stolen vehicles, wanted individuals, or vehicles associated with crimes.

The effectiveness of LPR solutions is dependent upon the capabilities of the system and the installation techniques of the integrator.  There are many considerations when deploying LPR solutions to include angles, obstructions, lighting, reflection, and others.  OSS leverages its experience to ensure each system is properly installed to maximize the value of the technology.

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