Light Detection Range (LiDAR) technology is used in many industries and has advanced significantly in its capabilities in recent years.  It is trusted to drive vehicles autonomously, detect collisions in manufacturing facilities, and perform tasks in many other critical applications that require extremely high accuracy.  Using LiDAR in security applications is relatively new.  Orion Security Solutions (OSS) is constantly looking at new security technologies and innovations and has partnered with some of the LiDAR industry’s leaders to leverage this exciting and highly capable technology to augment security profiles.

LiDAR provides extremely accurate detection of all objects in its field of view.  When coupled with intelligent algorithms and analytics, it can catalog and identify the objects while tracking each as it moves through the sensor’s coverage area.  It provides extremely accurate information to the security or analytic software in the form of metadata, which is then used according to the requirements and configuration of the system.  In security applications, it can be used to count people, track people or objects, provide a 3-dimensional intrusion detection zone, provide early warning intrusion detection along perimeters or open spaces, and perform other functions relevant to securing covered areas.

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