Perimeter security is an essential aspect of a security system that aims to safeguard the outer boundaries of a physical location or property.  It creates a secure and controlled environment by preventing unauthorized access, detecting potential threats, and acting as a deterrent against intrusions.  Orion Security Solutions (OSS) has successfully deployed advanced perimeter security solutions for clients in many vertical markets.  The most effective perimeter security solutions are those that combine multiple technologies.

Many of the perimeter security systems installed by OSS incorporate intrusion detection technologies to detect and alert against unauthorized breaches.  These may include motion sensors, LiDAR, perimeter alarms, vibration sensors, or infrared detectors. Some of the OSS systems incorporate even more sophisticated security technologies to include high definition and thermal imaging cameras with video analytics.  The system triggers an alarm when an intrusion attempt is detected, notifying security personnel, or initiating appropriate response protocols.

One other aspect of perimeter security is access control.  OSS offers solutions that regulate the movement of individuals, vehicles, or goods by controlling entry and exit points.  They ensure that only authorized personnel or vehicles are allowed to enter and exit the protected area, thus preventing unauthorized access or intrusions.  Access control measures may include gates, barriers, turnstiles, access cards, biometric authentication, or security personnel stationed at entry points.

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