Service and sustainment programs are essential in maintaining the functionality, reliability, and performance of a security system throughout its lifespan.  Orion Security Solutions (OSS) understood this from the inception of the company and set up different teams within the company that are dedicated to post-installation support.  The Service Department team responds to service requests 24/7/365.  The service technicians are highly trained and able to effectively assess, troubleshoot, and quickly repair technical security systems when they have issues.

OSS also has a dedicated System Sustainment team.  Regular system maintenance is essential to keep security systems functioning optimally.  The System Sustainment programs cover routine inspections, cleaning, calibration, and component testing to identify and address any potential issues or failures.  Proper maintenance helps prevent downtime, extends equipment longevity, protects the client’s investment, and reduces the risk of system malfunctions.  This team also performs software and firmware updates and upgrades on the servers, workstations, and network equipment to keep all aspects of the system current.

Please contact us to learn more about or Service and System Sustainment Programs.