Orion Security Solutions (OSS) prides itself on being a leader in the design and application of video analytics for security applications.  Video analytics play a crucial role in security systems as it enhances video surveillance capabilities by automatically analyzing and extracting valuable information from video footage.  By utilizing advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence techniques, video analytics can efficiently analyze video content, leading to more effective security monitoring.

Video analytics technology enables security personnel to detect and respond to potential threats in real time.  The technology can identify unauthorized access, loitering, perimeter breaches, object removal or left-behind, crowd management, and much more, generating real-time alerts for immediate responses.  Video analytics can also track and identify objects or individuals across multiple camera feeds, enabling security personnel to locate and address potential threats quickly.  Video analytics can also be used forensically to analyze and identify specific behaviors or patterns of interest within video footage.  By automating the monitoring and analysis of video footage, video analytics technology improves situational awareness, enhances event detection, reduces response time, and enables proactive security measures, making it a valuable tool in modern security systems.

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