Orion Security Solutions (OSS) has partnered with industry leaders to provide solutions that detect weapons proactively.  OSS offers various solutions to detect weapons, which are designed for different environments.  Time is the critical factor in detecting weapons in an area where they shouldn’t be to enable the security personnel to proactively manage the situation before it potentially escalates.  Most of the solutions that OSS offers are designed to detect weapons at or before the point of entry so that the security personnel can be alerted and react before the individual with the weapon enters the protected area.

Most the weapons detection solutions leverage arrays of multiple types of sensors or artificial intelligence technology to perform their functions.  All the systems look for key signatures that help distinguish weapons from other objects.  By identifying concealed and exposed weapons, these systems play a crucial role in ensuring public safety in secured environments such as airports, government buildings, educational institutions, stadiums, or public transportation hubs.  They provide an additional layer of security by identifying weapons that may go unnoticed during visual inspections or conventional metal detectors, thus enhancing the effectiveness of security screening procedures.

Please contact OSS to explore how our weapons detection systems can secure your environment.